Project configuration steps - Introduction

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Functionalities to manage projects are mainly grouped in Projects menu. From there it is possible to access or create projects. However, projects may use company level but also specific master data which shall be configured before starting to setup specific projects. For more information about company master data see the company preparation page.

The project information to be managed are organized in thematic areas (corresponding to tabulators) as shown in the following image.

Project information overview.

As usual, mandatory information are highlighted with a red asterisk. These are mandatory to save a project however some other may be mandatory to change the status (Op. Status) of the project. The following table summarizes the mandatory information for specific operational statuses (Op. Status) and administrative statuses (Adm. Status).

Operational status Mandatory information
"Provisory" All the fields marked with a red asterisk in General.
"Active" This status requires the same mandatory information of the "Provisory" status. Additionally it requires at least one resource to be added to the project (in Resources).
"Suspended" This status has no additional requirements other than those of the source status.
"Completed" This status has no additional requirements other than those of the source status.
Administrative status Mandatory information
"Unbillable" No requirements.
"Billable" This status requires the operational status (Op. Status) to be "Active".
"Closed" This status require the operational status (Op. Status) to be "Completed".

There are no mandatory paths in order to add or update information to a project apart from respecting the editing of mandatory information (see before). However the suggested steps are the following:

Each step is explained in the corresponding linked section.