SM - Service Desk and Service Management

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SM - Service Desk and Service Management is one of the core modules of itmSUITE®. The module is intended to support the execution of processes thanks to its workflow engine. A set of pre configured processes are supplied as workflow cartridges, in particular:

However, SM workflow engine is very flexible and powerful and may support many other business processes (e.g. purchase or sales management).

In the following table the key guides to use SM are listed:

Guide Page
Incident management process Incident Management
Request fulfilment process Request Fulfilment
Change management process Change Management
Problem management process Problem Management
Known error management process Known Error Management
Release mnd deployment anagement process Release and Deployment Management
Deployment change process Deployment Change
Demand management process Demand Management
News management process News Management
Workflow execution Workflow execution guide
Workflow engine configuration Workflow engine configuration

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