Project configuration steps - Resources

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Resources are a key element for the management of any project. Before starting to describe the use and configuration of them it is worth to spend a few words on the difference between a resource and a user in itmSUITE®. In this context, a resource is a person involved in the activities of the project while a user is person enabled to access itmSUITE®. The project management module manages resources, not users, but in some cases resources may be also users.

This said, the project Resources tab allows to assign the resources to a project. The ADD NEW command allows to add them. Once added, the list of assigned resources is editable in grid mode. The following key information about resources can be edited in grid.

Field Description
On Budget This flag defines if (when set), or if not, data about the resource shall be managed in the Estimation tab of the project (e.g. data about working budgeted days).
Permission Template This field allows to define the privileges assigned to the resource in order to view or edit the project data. The available templates can be managed in Resource Grants Templates tab in Module Options tab of the company (General/Company/Company Info; see company creation page for more information).
Sale Role This information is used to link a sales tariff to the resource on the project (e.g. for revenues analysis or billing purposes). One or more sales contracts (not overlapping in time) may be associated with the project (in its Sale Contract tab, see the dedicated

Project configuration steps - Others section for more information). In the sales contracts, the sale role tariffs are defined for one or more sale roles. Sale Role may be chosen among those defined in General/Resources/Sale Roles and is matched with those defined for the applicable sales contract associated to the project.

Purchase Contract(s) One or more purchase contracts, although not overlapping in time, may be associated to the resource. This is done in order to link the purchase tariff of the resource for the project (e.g. for cost accounting purpose). The compatible purchase contracts can be added. These are those purchase contracts in Status "Operational" where the resource is associated to the contract.

It is possible to edit the same information by entering the resource record details in grid mode.