Company creation

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itmSUITE® is a multi company organization and more than a company maybe activated on a single instance of the system by repeating the steps below. See the configuration scenarios page for more information on why and when to create multiple companies. To create a company first of all you shall access as a superadmin to the system. Then you may create a company. After listing companies with General/System/Companies, Add New allows to create a new company. To complete the company creation, the information listed in the following table shall be provided.

Field Description Characteristics Comments
Name The name of the company. Mandatory
Status The status of the company. Mandatory The initial status of a new company is: "Provisory

Additional and subsequent statuses are "Active" and "Inactive". It is possible to operate on the company only if its status is "Active".

Application Url The url where itmSUITE® is available. Mandatory This url is placed in emails and used by users to directly access itmSUITE® from them.
Disable Email Notification The company not send email notification Discretionary If unset, this configuration disable any mail notification for the company. This may be useful until it is not live to avoid useless communication.

These are not all the company information but only those needed to create a new one.

he following sections explains in details all the information which can be managed. by a company admin



Bank Accounts


Closing Periods


Working Calendar


Module Options


Mail Options