Workflow configuration steps - Form

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Creating a workflow form

Form Designer, located in Grant Management tab, allows to define the layout of the main, General, tab of a ticket. This is done by configuring a workflow form which is constituted of a set of sections and columns.

To create a form start by adding a workflow form section. This can be done by clicking the right button of the mouse in the form area and selecting Add Component option. In the following window, choose "Section" in Type field, provide the key information (Name, Width, Height and Columns for the workflow form section) and Save.

To add workflow fields, click the right mouse button on the workflow form section where you want to add it and select Add Compoent again. This time choose "Custom Field" in Type and the needed workflow field in Custom Field. The list of workflow fields will be populated with the predefined and custom ones ()f new need additional fields, visit workflow fields configuration page . The newadded workflow field will be placed in the workflow form section however it is possible to move it wherever needed with the mouse. In order to do so, click the blue arrow showing the possible movement direction next to the field and wait for page refresh.

It is possible to modify the attributes of the workflow field or workflow form section by clicking on it with the right button of the mouse and choosing Edit Details.

Once the configuration of the form is completed, it is possible to save it with the SAVE command. If not done, all changes will be lost. It is possible to preview the aspect of the workflow form by using the PREVIEW command. As the aspect may change based on visibility privileges given to workflow fields the simulation asks to choose the roles, workflow status and project/service for which rendering the form.

Another useful command is CHECK which provide a list of possible issues concerning the workflow form.

Workflow conditions management

Workflow conditions may be created and applied to workflow fields and workflow form sections in workflow forms. If no condition is set, the workflow fields are visible to users based on assigned grants and sections if at lest one workflow field is visible. However, workflow conditions may inhibit the visibility of workflow fields and workflow form sections or the possibility to modify workflow fields.

It is possible to add a workflow condition in two ways: by clicking on on the workflow form section or workflow field with the mouse right button and choosing Define Condition from the menu or by choosing FORM CONDITION REPOSITORY in Form Designer and adding a a workflow condition.

Existing workflow conditions are highlighted with a "i" symbol next to the workflow field or workflow form section. To modify point and click the mouse right button choosing Edit Condition form the menu. It is always possible to view all the workflow conditions set for the workflow form by listing then with FORM CONDITION REPOSITORY command. For more information on how to mange the list, visit the manage grid list page.

The actual definition of a workflow condition is made using a specific tool, the visual condition editor. For more information on how to use the tool and create a workflow condition, please visit the visual condition editor dedicated section.