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itmSUITE PMSM can be configured to interact with external mailboxes (sending and receiving mail).

Company Configuration

In General\Company\Company Info is possible to configure:

* Transfer Protocol: an SMTP address to allow PMSM to send mail
* Store Protocol: one or more mailboxes to be checked by PMSM

itmSUITE Message System

Message Function

This funtion enable the user to:

  1. Add new message
  2. Replay to a message
  3. Forward a message

The most important feature developped in this function is the ability to select the mail receiver based on the role he/she play on the entity. So when the mail is sent from a:

Entity Receiver
Ticket Ticket Request, Ticket Owner, Solution Groups Member or Manager, Ticket Worker, Service Owner
Sale Contract Sale Contract creator, Project Manager, All active record
Project/Service Project/Service creator, Project Manager, Project/Service Manager

In any case is still possible to send massage to specific mail inserting the mail address in "Other recipient" field.