CMS - Configuration Management System

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This is one of the core modules of itmSUITE® and as such can be activated autonomously. It supports the creation and maintenance of a modern Configuration Management System , in line with recognised IT Management best practice and standards, such ITIL® e ISO/IEC 20000.

In detail, it makes possible to manage both the hardware and software configuration elements and the relationships between them, both graphically and intuitively. This module is perfectly integrated with the SM - Service Managment module and DE - Discovery Engine core modules as well as other complementary modules.

This means you can really get the most out of your investment in the configuration system by making it available to other IT service management processes, which will gain the benefits of Configuration Management.

The main functions of the CMS module are:

In the following table the key guides to use CMS are listed:

Guide Page
CMS Web Client Overview CMS Web Client Overview
CMS Fat Client Overview CMS fat client