Workflow configuration steps - Statuses

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Workflow statuses are key components of a workflow and they generally indicate a condition of the process. For example, the status "Closed" generally indicates that the workflow occurrence is completed and no other activity can be performed.

Workflow statuses are managed in the Associated Op. Statuses tab of the workflow management forms, which appears as in the screen below.

Workflow Statuses Management Form

When a new workflow is created, a set of 'legacy' workflow statuses are generated. For workflows with Associated Entity "Ticket", the initial set of workflow statuses is the following.

Status Note
"Default" This is a special status representing the condition of a process instance after its creation but before it is saved. In other words no ticket can be saved in this status. This status is used to enable configurations at creation time.

Note that users with user type 'requester' are allowed to perform workflow transitions to workflow statuses with associated 'legacy' status "Opened" or "Closed" only.

New workflow statuses can be associated to the workflow (by means of the ADD NEW command) and pre-defined workflow statuses association can be broken (by means of the DELETE command).

Actually workflow statuses are created and their characteristics defined in a master data table, which can be edited from General/WorkFLow/Operational Statuses (see also Master Data step).