Workflow configuration steps - Decision matrixes

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This form/tab makes it possible to define a decision matrix which is used to set a workflow field based on two other influencing workflow fields.

More than a decision matrix can be created. So, for example, fields A and B may set the value of field C which, together with field D, can set the value of field E. To obtain this effect, a decision matrix for fields A and B, influencing C, shall be created together with a second one for fields C and D which influences E.

The decision matrixes are executed in the order they are listed so, in the example above, the one influencing C should be listed higher than the one influencing D. Use the arrows to sort the decision matrixes in the list.

Defining a decision matrix is straightforward: select the driving fields in Dimension X and Dimension Y and the target one in Target. After selecting these value, the system will build a matrix where the values of the target workflow field can be set per each project or service. A blank value removes any value for the target workflow field. If you want to keep the existing value for the target workflow field, set the "Keep Current" value.