Timesheet Management

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Timesheet is inserted by resource or from their manager to record the time spent on the activity to obtain a service costs and, if the sales contract is Time and Material the invoice detail.

The main feature available on timesheet are:

  1. Manage hours
  2. Manage Transfer costs
  3. Manage Group Declaration

Timesheet user interface can be split in the following session:

  1. Timesheet General Information
  2. Ticket information
  3. Resource Information
  4. Project Manager
  5. Manager

Timesheet General Information

The table below shown the general information present into the Timesheet.

Field Content
Creation date Date the Timesheet has been created
Created by Timesheet creation Resource name
Edit date Last Edit Date of Timesheet
Edit by Last Resource that has modified the Timesheet
Code Timesheet code, automatically assigned by system
Resource Timesheet resource name. Project Manager can create a Timesheet also for their resources.
Act. Date Timesheet Activity Date
Purchase Role The system shown the list of possible purchase role the resource is enable to at the activity date for the current ' project /service
Location This information identify the location where resource activity has been performed
Op.Status Timesheet Operative Status.
Status Description
"Provisory" in this status the timesheet is not taken in account as a cost. Resource can change the timesheet.
"Declared" in this status the timesheet is taken in account as a cost. Resource can change the timesheet.
"Approved" in this status the timesheet is taken in account as a cost. Resource can't change the timesheet. Manager can ask to resource to change it setting the status to "Change pending"
"Change Pending" in this status the timesheet is not taken in account as a cost. Resource ccan change the timesheet. After modification the Timesheet should be move in Declared status
"Cancelled" in this status the timesheet is logically cancelled. It is not taken in account as a cost
Purchase Contract The system retrieve the actual resource purchase contract that will be used to valorise the time spent.
Adm. Status Timesheet Administrative Status

Timesheet Manage Hours

Timesheet UI session is divided in three main section:

  1. Resource
  2. Project / Service Manager
  3. Manager

Based on user role the timesheet sections are shown to the user.

Resource once inserted the Timesheet record has to set the Op. Status to "Declared" to enable it at system level. All the Timesheets in status "Inserted" are not taken in consideration in the cost management process. If an inserted Timesheet is no more necessary, can be moved in "Cancelled" status.

Project / Service Manager take in charge the "Declared" Timesheet to:

  1. Approve, changing the Op.Status in "Approved"
  2. Reject, asking the user to change it , modifying the Op.Status in "Change Required".

Resource is notified via email for a Timesheet to review, so he/she can process it.

For each timesheet the resource can specify the purchase tariff that will be used to calculate the hours costs.

Timesheet Manage Transfer Costs

Timesheet Manage Group Declaration

This feature enables the resource to declare on timesheet the group they were working when they perform the activity.

Form the resource point of view in timesheet, will be possible to set the group the user belongs to. This information can be used to profile costs per group of report.

To enable this feature administrator as to:

  1. Enable Group Declaration at company level
  2. Define a proper setting at service level

Enable Group Declaration at company level in /General / Company tab Model Options / Timesheet there is a Group Declaration flag that enable the group management at company level

Project / Service setting The enable the group declaration management at service level is necessary to configure the following flags in Service Tab Settings / Timesheet:

  1. Mandatory group declaration
  2. Group Manager View
  3. Group Manager Approval

Timesheet Billability

To enable the timesheet for billabilty is necessary:

  1. Valorize the Timesheet Manager section
  2. Set the Adm. Status to billable