Managing Project Organization

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Project organizational structure (roles and responsibilities) will certainly depends on the characteristics of the project itself (e.g. size, complexity, etc.).

The following is a list of possible project roles and how to fit/manage them in itmSUITE®.

Project role How to manage
Project Manager This is a built-in role. Assign the application level role "Project Manager" to the user who shall act as a project manager. This shall be done by an administrator. Then, specifically assign the resource as project manager for one or more projects. This is done by setting Project Manager in project General section. This can be done either by a manager with privileges on the project or by the project manager at project creation time or customized role with privileges (see later).The project manager has the privileges manage any aspect of its project(s).
Team Resource This is a built-in role. Assign a resource to the project first and, optionally, to project activities later. This can be done by the project manager but also by a manager or any customized role with privileges (see later). This will make it possible to budget/forecast or add balance working time and expenses for the team resource. Balance data can be input directly by the team resource if associated to a user.
Customized role (e.g. Project Board member, Executive, Senior Use, Senior Supplier, Change Authority, Project Support, Team Manager, Team Member, etc.) Any user associated with an application level role "Manager", "Project Manager" or "Resource" can be granted privileges to view and or manage project data and information.

Profiles corresponding to the needed privileges for a role can be designed in Resource Grants Templates of Module Options of General/Company/Company Info. In particular it is possible to assign view or modify privileges for any section of the project. A resource associated with the user can be assigned to the project (e.g. by the project manager, a manager or a user with a customized role and privileges on the project) with a target profile (this is done in the Resources section of the project).

The customization of a role can be completed assigning reports and visibility of general functionalities. In order to do so, first create a group corresponding to the profile (General/Tickets/Groups). Then you can use the group to assign to it reports (see REP - Reporting module) and menu functionalities visibility (General/Company/Main Navigation Menu).