MB - Message Bus

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Message Bus

MB (Message Bus) is a service module used for:

  1. Manage itmSUITE messages distribution
  2. Plan scheduled task

Message Distribution

MB expose a subscription service: each modules could be optionally configured to subscribe to any Message Type.

A typical way to configure MB is:

  1. EEM shall be configured to subscribe "Get mail" scheduled message
  2. EEM shall be configured to propagate received data (mail of external Messages) to MB
  3. PMSM shall be configured to subscribe "External Message"
  4. PMSM shall be configured to manage incoming External Messages: the Action Engine shall be used for this purpose.

Schedule Task

MB can generate itself itmSUITE Message. The generation of these Messages is scheduled in Message Scheduler Management

Field Meaning Comments
Name Task name
Description Task description
Max Delivery Attempts The max tentative executed by MB to deliver an itmSUITE Message before give up
Allow Multiple
Message Publisher MB simulates the defined Publisher
Priority Message processing priority
Message Collaborator This is a Filter for field Message Type
Message Type Allowed Message Types for selected Message Collaborator