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This complementary module is based on the open source product BIRT which has a reporting designer with a drag&drop interface. It also has an engine for the execution and presentation of reports that is perfectly integrated with the other itmSUITE® modules. These modules already have some native reports but the REP (Reporting Management) module makes it possible to integrate new ones created by the designer. REP module is therefore an indispensable tool for users who don't have reports and/or don't intend to create ones by an itmSUITE® indipendent platform.

BIRT Framwork

BIRT Configuration in itmSUITE®

Available Reports

By default, BIRT reports are organized on several itmSUITE® menu items in reference of context in which report data are extracted (project, timesheet, asset, etc..). For each BIRT report a default filter is defined from which user can select report executing parameters. Once user selected parameters by filter, report output can be invoked by means Run button (to be continued...)

Statistical Reports

Statistical reports are tabular reports that generally extract data useful for costs, revenues and projects trend analysis by managers/project managers.

This is the statistical reports list available in itmSUITE®:

  • Check report (Resources)
  • Profitability report (Projects / Services)
  • Project info report (by activity) (Projects / Services)
  • Project info report (by resource) (Projects / Services)
  • Turnover analysis report
  • Resource days per project (Projects / Services)
  • Resource days per statistical project (Timesheets)
  • Expenses per resource and statistical project (Timesheets)
  • Saturation report (Resources)

Check report

Argument Description
Objective The report allows to analyze and check timesheet effort and expenses per resource. Effort and expenses related to timesheet are compared with effort and expenses estimated to budget.
Meaning of rows
Meaning of columns
Data calculation

New reports

Having REP it is possible to add new reports..... QD