Billing Management

Da itm wiki.

All the functions present enable an application manager to set:

  1. Create a Billing schedule
  2. Managing Invoice
  3. Managing Credit Notes

Create a Billing schedule

Billing schedule is a function that analyse the itmSUITE® database of Sales Contract and Timesheet to create the possible invoice to send at the client.

The driver used by the system to select the document are:

  1. Stand Alone contract
  2. Sales contract
  3. Timesheet

document eligible to be billed are:

  1. Stand Alone contract in status Operational
  2. Sales Contract connected to a Service or a Project
  3. Timesheet with 'operating status' in Approved or Declared and that has been set as Billable by the Manager. Manager set the billability of the Timesheet setting the Adm. Status equal to "Billable"

For Invoice Timesheet hours the Administrator has to configure at Project / Service level for all the Resources the Sales Role and the Purchase Contract.

Managing Invoice

  1. Create an Invoice
  2. Print the invoice
  3. Finalize an Invoice

Managing Credit Notes

Credit note are created from an issued invoice

The step to create a Credit Note are:

  1. Find the Invoice
  2. Create the Credit Notes