Admin user creation

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Still logged as superadmin goto to General/System/User Management and add a user. Add New allows to do it. To complete the user creation, the information listed in the following table shall be provided.

Field Description Characteristics Comments
Login The user identifier for the login. Mandatory
Password The password to access when the user logs in. Mandatory The password shall be confirmed in the Confirm Password field. See Password management page for further information.
Confirm Password The repeated password. Mandatory The value entered shall match Password.
Change Password Mode Mandatory
E-mail The email address associated to the user. Mandatory This mail is used for the system notifications (e.g. password recovery).
Name The name identifying the user. Mandatory E.g. name + surname.
Address The address of the user. Discretionary
Phone The phone number of the user. Discretionary E.g. the land line.
Mobile The mobile number of the user. Discretionary
User's Interface Language The language preferred by the user for the application. Discretionary This field is not available. The default application languages language will be by default.
Status The user available statuses. Mandatory The possible status for a user are: "Active" (the user can login), "Inactive" (the user can't login) and "Locked" (the user can't login but may be reactivated with the unlocking feature, see Password management).
Additional E-mails Additional emails for the user. Discretionary

When the above information are filled, the user may save (with Save) and complete the user configuration. This is done in Companies by adding at least one company and in User Types assigning the admin and/or superadmin user types (a superadmin cannot assign other user types).