DDB - DashBoard

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DB - Dashboard Management

DB - Dashboard Management is one of the complementary modules of itmSUITE®. The module is intended to support the reporting  of processes thanks to the visualiazation of KPI.

A set of predefined dashbord are delivered with the product

Implementing DashBoard

Implement yourown dashbord is simple and the following step can guide you to plan and activate it.

  • Focus about user and Role, How many dashboard? one for role, one for all
  • Focus about Data, Number of Ticket , SLA on Ticket , Project Control semaphore ? Create the Forced view to collect basic data
  • Focus about Presentation? choose the right widget.

Focus about User and Role

Access to general /company/ dashbord management, Add New to create a dashbord.

The table below describe the tab and the information fields

Tab Field Description
General Name Dashboard name
General Page Assignment Page in which the dashboard can be recalled, eg: Home, Client, Project
General Status Available status are Active /Inactive
General Description
General Comment
Assignment Authorized Role list of roles that can be enabled
Assignment Authorized Resources list of resources that can be enabled
Assignment Authorized Solution Group list of solution group that can be enabled

Focus about Data

Using Layout tab the user can model the Dashboard inserting Section and Widget:

The following commands are available:

  • Add Dashboard Section
  • Add Widget
  • Edit Detail

The table below recap the commands and their description

Tab Field Description
Layout Add Dashboard section this command enable the user to dwran the DashBoard layout
Layout Add Widget this command enable the user to add Chart or View
Layout Edit Detail this command enable the user modify the section

Focus about presentation

Choose the right Widget.

Here below the list of Charts widget:

  • Configuration Item Pie
  • Project Pie
  • Project indicator
  • Ticket Histogram
  • Ticket Pie
  • Trend on Tickets (line)
  • Trend on Tickets (histogram)

Here below the list of Views widget:

  • Communication
  • New view
  • Project Activities View
  • Project and Ticket Activities Views
  • Ticket Activities View
  • Messages