Data View

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(Reindirizzamento da SQL View)

The objective of this page is to enable the Customer to simply access all the information about standard view and the way to customize them.


itmSUITE® enable the customer to create his own report based on standard view that are maintained up to date at each release publishing.

  • Standard view can be recompiled at each release installation
  • Customer can use the standard view but is not allowed to change them.
  • Customer can create at SQL level his own views, called custom views.
  • Custom View can call the Standard view to avoid creating duplicated objects


Prefix Code Prefix Name Description

The table below reported the prefix used for the most common objectives:

_BWH_ underscore BWH underscore Usually used in the customer environment for Business Data Warehouse view
_CST_ underscore CST underscore Usually used in the customer environment for Custom view
_STD_ underscore STD underscore This is the standard view prefix


This view report some company information. The View's name is: _STD_COMPANY_VIEW

Entity Description
Birt View Standard view released with itmSUITE®
Standard Function Standard function released with itmSUITE®
How to customze a SQL View Process step to follow to customize a View