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ADV - Advantage

The ADV – Advantage service guarantees the availability of updates for the software purchased. The updates contain both improved functions and the correction of defects and are made available frequently, in line with planning.

The service can be subscribed to for modules purchased whereas it is automatically included when the SaaS or Hire services are activated.

The service represents a real advantage for the organisation, with continual improvement of functions due to constant and significant investment in the evolution of the product.

CEM - Client Environment Management

The service CEM - Environment Client Management includes:

  • the preparation of a test environment with the data and the production version of the client;
  • regular updating of the environment with the data and versions less or emergency in production by the customer.

In this way it is always available an environment aligned (data and / or versions) with the production of usable for various purposes such as, for example, tests of new versions, training, testing new configurations of the process, etc.

The activities can be exemplified requests via SRM - Service Request Management.

VDM - Version Delivery Management

The VDM - Version Delivery Management- service supports the creation of versions (minor or emergency) of products within specified guaranteed time limits.

It is often used in conjunction with the CIM (Committed Incident Management) service to ensure the time needed to refresh the system should the software malfunction.

It is automatically included when the SaaS service is activated.

SRM - Service Request Management

The Service Request Management (SRM), iSYS is committed to taking charge of evasion and customer requirements. The service is activated in two cases:

  • by the customer (eg in case of a request for information or support for the use or configuration of the products);
  • as a result of an incident, if it is determined by a lack of knowledge on the part of 'users".

The service guarantees timing and is available in different options with different "hours" and / or speed of action.

IMP - Implementation

The implementation services are very structured and wide ranging and as such they can cover one or more, or even all of the following aspects related to products and solutions.

  • installation;
  • support for the definition of the operating model and the processes;
  • configuration and setting up for use;
  • training;
  • data migration;
  • integration with existing systems.

With regards to the support given for the definition of the operating model and the processes, iSYS can rely on its specialised competencies in the area of best practice (Portfolio, Programme, Project Management, IT Service Management e Governance) di iCONS - Innovative Consulting, society of iGROUP - Innovative Group specialized in advisory services and training.